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1st PA project: DVDFab HD Decrypter - Problems etc. (Help?!?)

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1st PA project: DVDFab HD Decrypter - Problems etc. (Help?!?)

OK, I decided to try my hand at the wizardry of making a portable app. I really want to do Deus Ex (game) but figured I'd start small, or smaller. It was suggested I start with DVDFab Decrypter since it's a bit smaller of a project. I don't use the program but figured, why not. Somebody else wants it and, based on what it says it does, I guess it'll be useful to some people.

Alright, so I got the portable NIS editor, NSIS and the two recommended plugins, Regshot, and a couple other utilities.

I ran RegShot and had it look at the C drive and took the 1st shot.

I installed DVDFab HD Decrypter. It required a reboot so I rebooted. Mistake? See below.

Per the instructions I ran it a couple times. I had it to 'single movie' mode of Count of Monte Cristo and 'full DVD' mode of Die Hard. (It can't read my Donnie Darko DVD, so the program's not nearly as clever as it seems to think, but that's beside the point.)

Then I ran Regshot again... and it won't let me take the 2nd shot.

Either my mistake was rebooting, or when I did the 1st shot, I just did Shot, not Shot and Save.

I've uninstalled DVDFab (and deleted the backups it made of those 2 DVDs).

I wasn't sure if I needed to rip DVDs with it, but I figured to capture all of its logs and whatnot, I ought to use the program at least once in both its modes. Did I need to do all that, or by "run it a couple times" does that just mean start it and quit, start it and quit?

Haven't even gotten to code and I'm tripping. Now if I install DVDFab again is that a clean install? It's trialware/demoware (yes I got DVDFab and not the platinum demo) and in my experience their uninstallers are crippled so as to keep track of your efforts to bypass its registration, on the assumption you might do so.

Lastly, a note of some use: During installation, it installed something called "VSO burning engine", I imagine a basic disc burning utility. Will that be a major hurdle to deal with in the future?

And I'm definitely willing to give all this another go, just figured I'd fish for some hints and guidance.

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I'm not a programmer

Did I need to do all that, or by "run it a couple times" does that just mean start it and quit, start it and quit?

but my guess would be, wouldn't you want to run the full spectrum of the program to capture as much as possible? Even things like program options settings, doesn't that change or create registry entries? I've seen some thing create an .ini file just for a skin change or window size change. (I can't recall what, but something simple like that...)

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My guess is it was the reboot.

If RegShot has both "Shot" and "Shot and Save", then it's likely that "Shot" only holds the info in RAM, which of course is cleared when you reboot.

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