Thunderbird Portable & 2.0 Alpha 1 Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on August 4, 2006 - 12:36pm

Thunderbir logoPortable Thunderbird is now Mozilla Thunderbird - Portable Edition (Thunderbird Portable among friends), and version has been released. It's the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client packaged with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your email and contacts with you. This new release adds in a ton of new features, including: the ability to run from a CD, complete Thunderbird partial update support, in-place upgrades, lots of handy bug fixes, support for running within Wine on *nix and more. It's also available with Enigmail and GPG built in for secure, encrypted email. You can even get a copy of the latest Thunderbird 2.0 Alpha 1 as well. Read on for all the details...

Portable Thunderbird becomes Mozilla Thunderbird - Portable Edition

The first thing you'll notice is that the name has been changed from Portable Thunderbid to Mozilla Thunderbid - Portable Edition (or, Thunderbird Portable, for short). Why the name change? In working closely with Mozilla, we determined that a name that fully respected Mozilla's trademarks and branding was much more in order. The new name is meant to indicate that it is an official copy of Mozilla Thunderbid within and that it includes add-ons by that allow it to work its best portably.

What's New?

So, what's new...

Live/CD Support - Thunderbid Portable supports running from a CD or other read-only media right out of the box. You just need change one setting to do it, too. Best of all, Thunderbid Portable will even detect if you're running from a read-only location and offer to run locally, which is handy if you have a write-protection switch on your flash drive or memory card. Full details are in the support topic on Running from a CD.

In-Place Upgrades - Thunderbid Portable now supports the ability to do what we're calling an "in-place upgrade". This means that you can extract it right over an existing installation of Thunderbid Portable without losing any of your existing data and it'll Just Work. This will apply to future releases of Thunderbid Portable as you'll still need to manually update due to the directory changes.

Partial Update Support Fixed - Thunderbid Portable now fully supports the ability to use Thunderbid's partial updates. Thunderbird Portable will automatically let you know when an update is available and let you choose when you'd like to install it. This is important, since some flash drives can be very slow, taking several minutes to update. Just be sure you have at least 40mb free on your drive when you do an update, since Thunderbid's update process doesn't yet check for low disk space.

Wine Support in Linux/Debian/Unix - Thunderbid Portable now supports the ability to download, install and run within Wine. That means you can run it right within your *nix of choice without any changes. You can even copy things like your mail back and forth to your local copy of Thunderbid.

Enigmail and GPG Support

In additition to the standard package of Thunderbird Portable, there is also a package with GPG and Enigmail pre-installed. The Enigmail extension allows you to make full use of GnuPG within Thunderbird to authenticate and encrypt your email.

Download a Copy

You can grab a copy of Thunderbird Portable or Thunderbird Portable with Enigmail and GPG from the Thunderbird Portable homepage.

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updated TB - moved the profile to the new directory - double clicked - everything is working fine ...

thanks John for your work!

thanks for the new app works fine

if you don't know-ee you should ASCII

Thanks, John! The upgrade was flawless, but why the name change to "Firefox Thunderbid"? Wink

Kevin R. Hamm

Kevin R. Hamm

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I'm the king of typos. And copy and paste is evil.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Just read the second paragraph on this page. It might answer your question... Wink

EDIT: And I can't read properly. I'm sorry. Forget what I just wrote... Sad

You can find it on the sidebar after you go to the TBP page.

@John T. Haller
You may want to make that link a little more obvious. It took me a while to find it myself. It doesn't have to stick out like a sore thumb (it is an alpha, after all), but it shouldn't be a complete afterthought, either.

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I forgot to drop the usual "wanna try the next version" link below the big download links (as per Firefox Portable). I added it.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I find that the mailbox grow up biger and biger even though I delete all mail in the box.

So I have to delete the mailbox file everymonth.

by the way,
Thanks for programer's effort so that the spell check could function which was not work in the version of 1.5 and before except 1.07.

You're not supposed to post support requests in a news story; that's what the forums are for. But since I'm nice, I'll answer your question anyway. The mailbox file getting "bigger and bigger" is by design, so that TB doesn't have to keep rewriting the entire file every time you receive mail or delete something. To get it smaller again, just go to TB's file menu and hit Compact Folders. This will rebuild your mailbox to only contain the messages still in your TB folders, thus shrinking it.

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