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Please Help cannot download Open Office Portable Edition

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Please Help cannot download Open Office Portable Edition

when i try to download the Open Office Portable Edition, the software will download but when i go to install it i get some error. Something like NTIS Failure. The error says it may be because the download is damaged. As i am sure you all can tell i am not very advanced with this stuff. okay that was an understatement. can anyone help me?

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Corrupt / Incomplete

The installer you downloaded is either corrupt or incomplete. This usually means one of the following:
- the download didn't finish and your net connection dropped
- your computer has a virus and it tried to infect the installer after download (the installer checks for this and will break... you should check your PC for viruses)
- the location you saved the installer to has logical errors on it and corrupted the file as it was saved (you should check your drive for errors)

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Also having trouble downloading

I'm having trouble downloading a working copy, too--it looks like the config files are messed up (e.g., the menus are scrambled, missing labels, etc.). I've checked the MD5 checksums--they match. And, I just scanned my system for virus/malware--clean as a whistle. Any other ideas appreciated.

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