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Update problem

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Update problem

Hello friends!

I am using Portable Thunderbird on a Win XP SP3 platform for some time. Recently I tried to update it to the latest version by clicking on the update link in the help menu. Although it downloaded the full software without a problem, it is not able to update the software. Everytime I start Thunderbird, it tried to install the downloaded version but fails saying

"One or more files could not be updated. Please make sure that all applications are closed and that you have permissions to modify files and then restart Thunderbird to try again"

Is this because I am using a portable version. If it is, is there any process to update it directly or do I have to download a fresh version of Portable Thunderbird and do all my settings again.

Thank you.

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Most likely due to the way you updated

That link does not upgrade the Portable version, it takes you to the regular non-portable one.
That usually monkeys with all the settings.
For any of the Portable Apps, it's best to upgrade using the paf version that you would get here.

This has been discussed in the past here - you might want to search the forums.

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