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Miranda 0.5 Released

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Rob Loach
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Miranda 0.5 Released

Miranda 0.5 has been released.

With the 0.5 release, Miranda IM introduces Unicode support, to further improve integration into multi-language systems. Available now are 2 separate download options. The Unicode version is available for Windows NT, 2000, and XP users and a non-Unicode version is available for Windows 9x and ME users. Another new feature of this release is the introduction of AIM Oscar. This provides users with the ability to transfer files and receive away messages that previous versions did not support. This release also increases the support for avatars among many of the protocols. Along with plenty of bug fixes and new features, we hope you will find Miranda IM 0.5 a satisfying release.

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when are the developpers

when are the developpers planning to bring out PORTABLE Miranda v0.5?

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It is portable...

Please read this.
But I'm sure you mean one with a portable apps launcher. For that, read this.

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downloaded and integrated


I just downloaded the zip-install from miranda and put it in the app-dir of the "old" portablemiranda.

It seems to work, although I usually only work with it at work, so I can only tell tomorrow if everything works.

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Crashing problems


My Miranda keeps crashing. I have installed this version from scratch (I never used it before). When I'm using msn, Miranda show a window with a crash message but the program keeps working. Anyone else with this problem?

John T. Haller
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MSN Update

Could this be due to MSN tinkering with their protocols? Gaim was crashing due to this and they just did a mid-beta update to handle it. Did you check the Miranda forums for any mentions of this?

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Hello. I've searched the

Hello. I've searched the forums but haven't found anything similar Sad

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Miranda and Gmail

Miranda Portable is great !!!
I found and interesting plugin for Gmail. It gives better support for Google Talk


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