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GIMP: Diffrent fonts?

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GIMP: Diffrent fonts?

I've been using portable gimp to do my photo editing for a while now, and I've always wondered if there was a way to either add or change the fonts available in the text option?

I've tried downloading fonts into my windows font folder, but no luck. also, I've tried to find a font folder in the gimp folders to see if its a way to add more fonts to the program, no luck either.

If anybody knows a way, please fill me in.

Please & thank you

John T. Haller
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I think it uses the Windows installed fonts by default. And it *should* work with the upcoming portable fonts feature in the platform, but I haven't tested it yet.

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it does work with the

it does work with the portable fonts program now avaiable (forget the link here - just do a search here. I'm feeling lazy today). this is what I use when I carry a copy of GIMP on a flash drive.

I have also stored a bunch of ttf's in a directory on my HD and I point my local copy of portable GIMP to that dir (just ADD the location in your GIMP prefs). works fine.

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Portable Fonts

Portable Fonts
Let my suggestion be useful Blum

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New fonts for GIMP

I've answered it on another place. Read my answer on this link. It should help you with your problem
(It's a step by step instruction that works great for me):

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