Google Chrome Portable Released

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Submitted by The MAZZTer on October 21, 2009 - 8:04pm

logoGoogle Chrome Portable has been released. Google Chrome Portable is a web browser that runs web pages and applications with lightning speed. It's designed to be simple and stylish. It's packaged as a portable app, so you can take your browsing experience with you and it's in Format so it can easily integrate with the Suite. It's partially open source freeware for personal and business use.

Read on for more details...


screenshotGoogle Chrome's features include:

  • Quick to start up
  • Loads web pages in a snap
  • Runs web applications faster than ever
  • Designed for efficiency and ease of use
  • Search and navigate to web pages from the same box
  • Arrange and organize tabs however you wish — quickly and easily
  • Get to your favorite websites with just a click, from the thumbnails of your most visited sites in the New Tab page
  • Themes to add delight to your browser Installer / Format

Google Chrome Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Suite including the Menu and Backup Utility.


Google Chrome Portable is available for immediate download from the Google Chrome Portable homepage. Get it today!

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Thanks for all your work on this Dan. I know it was a long time coming. I tweaked the launcher a bit to switch to the NSIS GetParameters and added in some default settings to ditch the default browser prompt.

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I saw this in Google Reader and was like WAT! Biggrin

Sweet! I guess this is my cue to work on this more. I got a minor bug (relating to theming not working 100%) and a couple other minor things on my to do list.

Of course you took care of one of them for me, so thanks. Smile (Update to

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Well, I told ya we'd get to it as soon as we started doing freeware Blum

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Ah, I see am the "owner" of the Google Chrome Portable pages... does this come with any responsibilities I need to be aware of, or should I just periodically upload Development Test builds like I've been doing?

Ooh and I get to add this to my resume portfolio too! ("Look! I made a program and it's hosted on a website you might have heard of maybe!")

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Devs are owners of their app pages and stories for right now. That will be changing when I switch to a full database for the apps (easier for translations).

And you can definitely add it to your portfolio. We're the most popular portable software platform and site in the world by a long shot, even more popular than all the commercial platforms. And you'll find your name listed on the team page now that you have an app out.

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FYI I changed the download size listed to "1+11mb" since that's how big the chrome_installer.exe is. I'm guessing you put the uncompressed 33mb size of the installer's files by accident.

F:\Downloads>wget -S --spider
Length: 11029488 (11M) [application/x-msdos-program]
Remote file exists.

FYI #2: Anyone reading this, don't use the above link, it's for internal use by Google Updater and Google Chrome Portable's installer only.

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Thank you to all PortableApps crews. This one works well and quite fast. Just as if using the installed version. Although the download speed is a bit slow. I don't know why. Got clue when I downloading antivirus updates for my PC. Chrome Portable from [illegal site removed by mod JTH] (this one is a great enthusiast of PortableApps too) can make downloads a bit more faster. Is there anything we should know to set it up? Manually?


How would you go about enabling extensions for this? I have seen a couple sites saying how to do it, but they all seem to work only for a local copy, not so much for a portable version.


Hi, John. Here I am (does my user name ring a bell? ;)). Would you please package Chrome-bin into the PAF instead of requiring to download it from google? I've got a terribly poor/slow internet connection in the college (it always aborts in the middle of downloading). Or is there an alternative way to help it, eg., can I first download the BIN and put it in a dir (where?) and then start installation? Thanks for adding Google Chrome into the suite, I've been waiting for a long time during which I use the not-that-paf iron instead.


I'm sorry John but I'm not really sure if it's illegal to let "everyone" download this freeware app. I'd definitely remove the pachage if you could kindly provide a legal alternative download.

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You can't take software and repackage it unless you have permission, even if it is free (as in no cost). Open source licenses give you such permission. Nearly all freeware does not. The Google Chrome EULA does not. So if you take the files out and repackage them, it's illegal. It does not matter whether there is an alternative... it doesn't make it any less illegal.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Well correct me if I'm wrong. I didn't change anything and I didn't repackage it. I just uploaded the files to a different source so everyone (including the banned countries by Google) can reach it. I kept the credit and I also linked to this original post. Again if this is illegal, I believe it is far better than discrimination.

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Our installer does not include the Google Chrome installer files for licensing reasons, they are downloaded from Google and installed by the installer. You are including them. That is what repackaging is. That is the difference. Your package includes Chrome itself repackaged in another form, which is what makes it illegal.

I can't really make it any clearer than that. If you have further issues, please post them in the forum, not as comments on a news article.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I got it already thanks for rephrasing. I'm afraid but with all due respect, the package remains intact until discrimination lasts. I'll be contacting Google for complaints. Thank you for your attention and sorry again for posting another comment.

I've been waiting for something like this from PortableApps too. I've been using Google Chrome Portable provided by [illegal site removed by mod JTH] quite long. It works quite well. Quite perfect actually. Only, if launched and work it from flashdrive and opened more than three tabs, it may stalled for a little while. I guess it's because of the cache writing.
I wonder if there is any possibilities to make Chrome Portable write it's cache onto local harddrive and erase them if it exit.
Thank you for this one. Now I have two version of Chrome Portable Smile
Love you people Biggrin


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Thanks for your work on this Smile

EDIT: Should this have a splash screen of sorts? I know its not essential but just curious. Advocate

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Chrome starts up fast enough that I felt that a splash screen would only get in the way.

Although John's technically the one who tweaked the launcher to not have a splash screen. Smile I only put the beta one in the builds on my site since it wasn't "official"

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All strength of Google Chrome is shown in this portable version. Except the download speed. Is there anything we can do to it? To be honest, I don't even know anything about programming or making portables. If only there is any kind of optional setting that could be altered to do that. Just wondering.


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The download speed is dependent on the connection between your computer and the remote server. Chances are if you're finding a particular download slow it's the remote server's fault.

A standalone download manager can make multiple connections to a single server to try and speed up a download. But that's not the sort of thing you put in a web browser, though I wouldn't be surprised if there was an extension for it eventually (Firefox has at least one that does this).

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I've check it out. It was the server bandwidth sharing as a matter of fact. True, there are few addons for Firefox as download manager. Flashget and DownThemAll, to name some.
Thank you for your response Smile


While I like the tech in Chrome, I don't like some of the stuff Google software do in my computer -- installing that damn "Google Updater," and some people have reservations about Chrome itself regarding privacy.

Chrome Portable gets rid of the Updater, which is good; but there's another Chromium-derived project that addresses the other complains: SRware Iron. It even has a portable version -- although it's just a zip file, demanding a manual install.

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Hi, although I/we can't formally support it, if you drop in Iron in place of Chrome and use the provided GoogleChromePortable.ini file in Other\Source (follow instructions inside the ini file) to point at the iron.exe or whatever it's called, it should "just work" since it's based on the same code base.

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I've already pinged SRWare about getting Iron in PAF using this. We'll hopefully hear back soon.

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Congrats Dan!

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i cannot install it.
the error is as follows:

ERROR: (chrome_installer.exe > chrome.7z)


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Re-run the installer. That usually means it couldn't extract the files from the installer. Make sure your PC has enough free space on the local drive's TEMP directory. If you have further issues, please post in the forums.

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could you check out the forums and reply?

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Thanks The MAZZTer,it's my favorite browser.

But there is one question: I can't find where to put the flash plugin.
This is a little inconvenient.

so how can I install the flash plugin(to make it also portable with chrome)?

thank you.

Awesome! Biggrin
Just one thing, Google Chrome will automatically create a "Downloads" folder in the Documents of every computer I use it in... ??? !!!

Check the Option far top right. Then go to Under The Hood tab.
Down, you can see the option to customise the download folder.
Also to confirm you where to download.



I love this browser .. but I cannot use it day to day until Roboform is working with it.

Looking forward to that day.

Thanks to all for your work so far getting us to where we are.

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My son uses roboform-2-go and chrome as his default browser and he says roboform pops up a fill in window on each website just like FF.

Tom Zucker-Scharff
Director, Computing and Info Services
Albert Einstein Cancer Center
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY, USA 10461

Where do I put the flash.dll file to get flash to work without installing it on the host computer?


OK found it.


You've got to create the Plugins folder in the Chrome-bin folder, then put the dll in there.

Have we got any confirmation where to put those plugins for this current version of Google Chrome Portable? I did put those Plugins folder under Chrome-bin since I got it. I'd just like to get any confirmation on that. Thank you.


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App pagePublisher: (Dan Bugglin) and Mozilla

<_ congrats="" mazzter="" and="" awesome="" to="" see="" freeware="" stuff="" coming="" out="" i="" didn="" recognize="" free="" commander="" that="" other="" app="" but="" got="" on="" device="" updates="" get="" a="" text="" from="" twitter="" saying="" y="" released="" chrome...="" about="" hours="" before="" back="" online.="" needless="" say="" was="" very="" confused...="">

Chrome starts up fast enough that I felt that a splash screen would only get in the way.

Sven Condon
[irrelevant self-promotional link removed, please don't do this - mod Chris]

Thanks a lot for this, I was eager to use it Blum

Howevever I have noticed a small bug with the Application Shortcut:
the shortcut is pointing to
C:\GoogleChrome\App\Chrome-bin\chrome.exe --user-data-dir="C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\GoogleChromePortable\profile" --app=
but it should be
C:\GoogleChrome\GoogleChromePortable.exe --app=

I don't know if my solution is correct but this works for me.

John T. Haller's picture

Application shortcuts are not supported in the portable version.

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I just installed Google Chrome Portable from the Menu.
But as soon as I want to start it the mouse pointer changes to 'Working In Background' for a half second but nothing happens. The same happens when I go to the GoogleChromePortable Folder and start the application without the Menu.

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All thats left is Safari and IE and you'll have a full set of browsers. Biggrin

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You forgot Lynx Portable. Blum

Technically there are already portable IE browsers such as Green Browser that use the Internet Explorer rendering engine. Since IE has to be part of the operating system, it's guaranteed the computer you use will always have IE. Of course, you can't guarantee the version.

I'm just saying! :evil:

I'm not even gonna get started with Safari. Biggrin

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noob question. do I have to install the regular chrome first and copy over the whatever files over to the portable directories to use this?

I was hoping to just keep everything portable. but if I HAVE to, I will. Sorry if you have already explained this 100 times, but I haven't been paying attention to the whole chrome thing until recently.

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Where do we post bugs and discuss issues related to this app? I have been trying to portablize chrome for about 3 weeks now and for the most part it works fine.

I have only seen the theming bug in portable chromes (both versions 3 AND 4) that are packaged in the paf format (I don't really think that the issue lies in the paf packaging, but just a correlation I've observed.) I have a homemade version 4 chrome on my portable device launching via a batch file that specifies the userdata directory and I have not experienced the theming bug with this.

my batch file:
start "chrome" "%cd%\bin\chrome.exe" --enable-user-scripts --user-data-dir="%cd%\profile"

So far, this is the most effective method I've used.

The ONLY issues that I HAVE run across (using my batch launching method) are generally related to page layouts or scripting. I have a hunch that it may only be related to javascript crashing or failing in some way.
The most prominent place I have seen this issue is on sites like lifehacker, gizmodo, kotaku, and other sites in that news network. What I see is most of the text bunched up together making most things unreadable. I still see this issue in this paf version as well, but it is actually not as bad.

Another place I see (definitely script-related) issues are on some of Google's own web apps: gmail, google reader, and calendar. I am unable to get the settings 'pages' to show when I click on the 'settings' links in those web apps. (This is also not a problem in this paf version)
I also see scripting issues when trying to use's password generator bookmarklet on some pages. that one's hit or miss, but does work most of the time.
I should also note that I've pretty much only tested my batchfile-launched setup with chrome 4... so that may be the root of most of my issues, but I don't know.

Anyway, I guess I wanted to put this info out there and would really like to have a place where we can gather the info together and try to help each other resolve them or at least figure out if its just a chrome thing and we need to wait for google to get their act together Smile

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As always, posts like this go in the forums. This is just a news story.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Why can't I delete or edit my comment post that doesn't belong here?
That's bush league, man Biggrin

Also, I can't seem to find the proper thread on which to post my info... None of them look very... official? for lack of a better term.

John T. Haller's picture

That's because you should start a new one in Other Apps Support.

You can't edit a comment that's been replied to. That's by design so folks don't go back and change their comments that have been commented on.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Then I shall start a new thread. I'm not new to this site, but I just today set up an account so I didn't want to just jump in and be like "Yo, i'm runnin' the show now, let's fix Chrome!"

Oh, well that makes sense with the comments then. Thank you, sir!

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The bits hosted on SF are GPLed (launcher and installer). It pulls the rest of Chrome from Google, which is actually BSDed. The only closed source part is the updater, which I think we strip out anyway.

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By default, it downloads files to the PC's documents. This was a makor problem, as my schools PC's restrict access to "My Documents" on the local PC. (You store it on the network drive)

This caused admin right errors to pop up every ten seconds untill I asked it to ask me every time.

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Does this mean that whatever I do in Chrome and wherever I visit etc, will all be stored in the Chrome folder and never see any other data written anywhere else on my hard drive?

Finally it's ready!
However, the themes you install don't work in other computers. When you use it somewhere else, it gets back to the classic theme.

Little silly question: Isn't it better chromium ?

Love it, but it is not ready. Sad

1. Since the release, I have lost twice all my bookmarks, settings, saved passwords... It saves it for a while, then it is gone, and the app looks like I just run it for the first time. I do switch between XP and Vista, but I don't see how this can be relevant, if the app is portable.

2. I have seen others talking about issues with themes. Yes, that does not work either. I guess its been worked on.

Too bad, it is realy fast and lightweight.

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Try revision 2, which is in testing. It should fix it for you:

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