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[Closed] IcoFX Portable 1.6.4 Explorer Context Menu

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[Closed] IcoFX Portable 1.6.4 Explorer Context Menu

on program launching the settings are created in / moved to \IcoFXPortable\Data\settings\IcoFX folder and, on program closing are moved / moved back to \IcoFXPortable\Data\settings\IcoFX

if we use the Explorer context menu option, it will create the \IcoFXPortable\Data\settings\IcoFX but it wont be moved on program closing.

in the end we will have two different settings that will overwrite each other, depending on the way we open the application.

can this be changed (preferably keeping active the context menu option) ?


John T. Haller
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Explorer context menus shouldn't be used in any portable software. Explorer attaches it and, even when removed, it'll keep a lock on that folder until you either logoff/logon, restart or kill explorer.exe. That's why explorer add-ons aren't portable (they can be by doing the process I mentioned, it's just WAY too messy for normal usage).

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