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Enter the Internet Registry?

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Enter the Internet Registry?

Does Enter the Internet Registry really works?

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Old news

Well, the comments probably aren't faked, people have had mixed results with this. This program may be new (or new-ish) but the registry tweaks it alters have been known for years. Many registry tweakers will make the change for you. It gets mixed results -- works for some, but not all.

Microsoft knows about it as well and there's a reason this isn't done for you. Think about it -- if they could promote Windows 7 by saying that it makes the Internet so much faster (by using these tweaks), wouldn't they do that, to help redeem themselves after Vista, which most people consider a failure? Well, they would -- if it were safe and viable for everybody. But it isn't, otherwise they would have.

If the program can restore the registry back the way it was, I'd say it's worth a shot. If it works for you, great. If not, and you can roll back the changes, you don't have much to lose.

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Nothing new

I don't think this is anything new. If memory serves, when Win 98* came out, its network settings were defaulted for dial-up Internet, but by that stage a lot of people were moving to broadband connections and so bandwidth was not being utilized to it's maximum potential by those default settings. Programs came along claiming to speed up your Internet connection but all they were really doing is ensuring that your system was configured to make the best use the type of connection that you had.

I don't see why for Windows 7, the same or similar isn't true. It has to be set for some default connection speed but that's not going to the same for every single user. Connection speeds are starting to increase again. So depending on what your connection is and how closely it matches the system defaults you may or may not notice any improvements.

*It might have been Millenium Edition now that I think about it some more. Or I might have just got it all wrong! Smile

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