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Categories for PAP 2.0?

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Categories for PAP 2.0?

So, it's been almost two years(or maybe 3 years) since XRX posted his version of the PAM MOD with categories. Right now, I'm on the fence deciding to use the original platforms or use the mod menu. The categories is the only thing that is attracting me to the mod right now. When are we expected to get categories in PAP? In PAP 2.0? and specifically, how much longer(in months ,si vous plait)

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I agree

I agree,the only thing holding the menu back is Categories.

I think the official menu would be brilliant with categories.

How long must we wait John.

Zach Thibeau
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until 2.0 is final, so until

until 2.0 is final, so until then keep waiting and be patient
old chinese proverb (well not really) "Patience is a virture"

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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Categories hmmph

What we need first is to pin favorites to the top!

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You can.

Right-click and select Favorite.
The app will now be at the top of the list.
Unfortunately, it still scrolls with the rest - I'd prefer if the favs were fixed in place.

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Hear Hear

Hear Hear

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The sad part...

The sad part is that the official Platform is pretty much the only launcher app that doesn't have categories. R34 has them. does. Pretty sure Pstart and the other one whose name escapes me at the moment have them as well. R34 is sort of a fork/patch of the official menu, and it has them, so the code has been written, it's just the few people out there who can actually edit and compile the source haven't copypasta'd it in.

I'm almost tempted to figure out how to 'acquire' this Delphi Pro 2006 thingy and try to do it myself, but aside from being opposed to piracy, I just never find the time. R34's .pafdata solution looks sloppy at first, but it's pretty smart, considering it has further potential... maybe .pafdata (glorified .ini) can let you bold, italicize, underline, or color the text of the app's name, for starters.

It's been almost 2 years. I think the fork with categories came out in March-April 2008...?

Another way of looking at it, PA.cP being the only one without... it's a simpler program for people with simpler needs...?

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