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VLC Portable as Standard-Player

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VLC Portable as Standard-Player

Dear at all,

maybe is it possible to get VLC Portable as standard player for all multimedia files.

We are thinking about it, to get this player on a few of Desktops as standard player, but don´t want to configure all media files on each desktop.

thanks in advance


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i dont think so

I belive that feature is a non portable feature. it requires windows have VLC installed and avalible all the time. when you make a player a default player for a file and that player is not around there is a high chance for a crash. as for transporting it from computer to computer, there is no automatic way.

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Portable File Associator

Take a look at Portable File Associator -

It should do pretty much what you need.

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Not a Problem in Win7

OK, I should qualify that statement. I use the portable apps suite installed on my secondary hard drive. I have 2 hard drives installed on my system and created a folder called portable on the D drive and installed the portable apps I frequently use. It comes in very handy. After upgrading my home desktop from Win/XP to Win/7, I had all of the portable apps available and ready to run. In Win/7 you can set default programs from the start menu. The caveat is that the program has to be in the same location. So, if you are using a thumb drive, you have to be sure that it always has the same drive designation. If it comes up 'E' one time and 'F' the next it won't work.

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