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Feature Requests

First, thanks for the useful apps! Second, any chance that we can get "nested menus" for the PortableApps menu system? Last, it would be really nice is some kind of auto-updating functionality could be added in.


John T. Haller
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Both in 2.0

Both are in 2.0. The next beta will include the updater and release is coming quite soon.

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Add to the Option menu the ability to recover the autorun.inf file if it was deleted (Many viruses create their own file).

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Folders in Menu

I have installed lots of PortableApps and I think it would be very usefull, when I could put some similar programs in folders like Windows Start Menu. For example I'd like to have a folder calles OpenOffice and have Write, Cals etc. inside it.

Edit: Sorry, I found this later:

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Can you also add options to

Can you also add options to add/edit/remove the folders in the right side of the PA suite? I just miss it. It would be nice if I could change that right side menu to put shortcuts to my favourite folders, not only "Videos", "Pictures" and etc.

BTW, PA suite is awesome and I congratulate the staff for all the work!
I've been using it for years and it will always be the first program that I install in a pre-formatted pendrive.

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Same old folders...

I simply agree that the next greatest feature which can be added is the option to add folders on the right side of the menu or change them and assign icons. This would make the platform almost ideal as far as I am concerned.


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The one thing I'd be

The one thing I'd be interested in seeing is either a Complete Suite that downloads and installs every portable app on the site or a Custom Suite Creator that would let one create their own custom suite before downloading the install package. I think the second one could prove to be quite popular if it could be implemented. It certainly would beat downloading just the platform and then having to download each desired app individually. Currently, I use the standard suite, but still find myself downloading many more apps on top of that as well. This, in addition to the update check feature for apps in the launcher would be awesome.

The complete suite download might not be as popular, but you never know. I had this running on my iPod for a while, so it could be utilized there for sure, with plenty of available space.

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In 2.0

As stated above, updating will be in 2.0. This updater will also be able to install new apps. In the long term this will probably be replacing the Suite completely.

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Pick and Choose

I'm not sure that it's worth including every single app, I mean how many portable media players and browsers does one person need? I think the pick and choose approach of the 2.0 menu will be better. In addition, I don't know how big of a download every single app on this site combined would be, but you can bet it'd be pretty substantial.

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I hope they include an accelerator

I only DL my apps using the DownloadThemAll! accelerator .
Even when the older PA Updater was in use, it took too long for my taste, and the suite was way too honkin big.
It was more than twice as fast to pick and DL them manually using DTA!

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