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What's about TrueCrypt and TOR?

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What's about TrueCrypt and TOR?

Hello at all

My english isnt very good - soory xD

I want to ask: Is it possible that TreuCrypt can be a Part of the portableapps Aplications? That would very nice..

For information, Truecrypt is a opensource disk encryption software for Windows and Linux.

At you can get all information about it. It already has a "portable Mod", but the problem, that required Admin privilegs...

The other Question is: Is it possible for you to ad the anonym surfing utility named TOR to portableapp?

For your information, from wikipedia xD : "Tor (The Onion Router) is a free software implementation of second-generation onion routing — a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet. Originally sponsored by the US Naval Research Laboratory, Tor became an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) project in late 2004. The EFF supported Tor financially until November 2005,[1] and continues to provide web hosting for the project."

The project Page is I hope its allowed to post links.
[Moderator RM: You sure are allowed to post links. I've changed it so it is a proper URL]

Thanks for reading it - cu ^^

ps. portableapps - Very good work! ]x)

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Truecrypt is already

Truecrypt is already portable. Just look for 'Traveler Mode' in the documentation. I don't know if it will be an official part of portableapps though.

Portable Tor is here -

I use both and they work great.

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Tor is already portable in

Tor is already portable in this 2 versions :

XeroBrowser ( Tor + Firefox )

and OperaTor ( Tor + Opera )

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Yes, of course. I know about

Yes, of course. I know about the Portable TrueCrypt mode.

"It already has a "portable Mod", but the problem, that required Admin privilegs..."

But, again, it needs Administrator privilegs!

- Thx for the portable TOR and the xB Browser, Biggrin i already use it.

But TrueCrypt and TOR aren't a part of portable apps...

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Security without admin rights

You might want to take a look at FreeOTFE and FreeOTFE Explorer; the latter doesn't need admin rights. versions have been released by the author (, but for some reason they're not yet listed here on

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And TrueCrypt will need

And TrueCrypt will need admin rights in the future too since the effort to make it run without would be too large. Have a look in the official TrueCrypt forum - the question has been discussed a million times...

But you may use TCExplorer to portably work with files in TrueCrypt volumes without admin rights. Search here or in the TrueCrypt forum for more info...

And have a look here:

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Admin Rights and Portableapps Format

I do agree that this is an EXCELLENT program. Smile There is already a 'traveler mode', but that is not in format. It will actually show two icons in the PA.C menu because there are two executables in the main folder.

About the administrator rights: Truecrypt starts a driver, so there MUST be administrative rights. No amount of work by the PA.C team will fix this.

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TrueCrypt, Tor - will be nice in Format

By the way, thanks fo info (Undintel, wraithdu)

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