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Thunderbird Portable 3.0.4 Send and Paste Problems

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Thunderbird Portable 3.0.4 Send and Paste Problems


I have recently switched from Outlook Express to Thunderbird Portable 3.0.4. It's great as I can, among other tings, combine more than one account into a single inbox etc. However I have the following problems:

1.) If I copy anything from another application and try and paste it into a thunderbird email the paste does not work (I have tried Ctrl-V and right hand clicking and selecting paste). I have checked that I can paste the data into other applications such as Notepad etc and it's fine.

2.) When I try to send an email Thunderbird thinks about it for a few seconds then the email disappears and Thunderbird disappears as well (In Process Explorer the application has shut down). Re-opening Thunderbird no warning or recovery messages are displayed and I see that the email has not been sent. However If I save the email in Drafts then go to send it sends correctly. (Note: Receiving emails is no problem on any of the accounts I have set up.)

Please note that I am using Thunderbird Portable 3.0.4 with no extensions from a USB Stick with approximately 1GB free on the stick. I am running a fully patched Windows XP SP3 and have also tried the above on different windows machines and I get the same problems.

Any help on these matters would be much appreciated as they are starting to detract from an otherwise great application.



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I would say just so from the air, just install it over the current version again, no data will be lost by that. Both problems are certainly not replicable on my side and should not happen. It looks like some part of the TB became simply broken, file system fault on the stick probably.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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