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Filetype Associations

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Filetype Associations

Out of curiosity is there any reason you can't set file-type associations to relevant PortableApps portable executables? I know using individual application preferences to do so can be undesirable because it may cause the portable wrapper not to be executed, but I'm wondering if doing it manually would work.

I've done this with image/media files for things like VLC, and also for PDF files with FoxItReaderPortable. However, I use PortableApps as fixed apps on my desktops at home, so I'm not bothered by "stealh" usage. Thus, I've never bothered to check if portability is lost or not.

I suppose I should just start using something like Expresso to handle all of this.

This question came about because I see a lot of people asking if you can set FirefoxPortable as your default browser. While it's not quite the same thing, you could set firefoxportable.exe as your default HTML file reader.

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You should be fine doing

You should be fine doing that, but only if you're using them on your PC, as you are.
Who ever said you couldn't?

In my opinion, 'something like Expresso' is only really necessary if you're using the PA's from a portable device!

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*Portable.exe OK

So long as you're registering WhateverPortable.exe as the handler it's fine. It's just in-application file association registrations that bypass the launcher which aren't fine. Registering to handle a protocol is likewise not going to work, though you could potentially register the protocol association and then edit the registry to replace App\Firefox\firefox.exe with FirefoxPortable.exe and there would be a good chance it would work.

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