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7-Zip 9.14 Beta

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7-Zip 9.14 Beta


Similar to how you have made a Mozilla Firefox (Minefield) PortableApp release available (even though it is Alpha software), I would like to see 7-Zip 9.14 Beta made available in a PortableApp version.

7-Zip 9.x has seen nine (9) beta releases over the last 13 months. And even though it is technically beta/unstable, I haven't found it to be that unstable.

I'm certainly not suggesting doing away with the 7-Zip 4.65 Rev 2 PortableApp version, but maybe you could release a 7-Zip 9.x Beta PortableApp version and have a blurb about it (similar to how you've handled the Mozilla Firefox/Minefield PortableApp) on the 4.65 Rev 2 page letting those that want to test the 7-Zip 9.x Beta PortableApp know that it is available.

Thanks in advance for considering...


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Time Issue

We only do beta release for a very limited number of apps. Generally only Firefox and Thunderbird as developers need those for testing (since having multiple Firefoxes installed locally will mess up your settings when switching back and forth). That's really the only reason we do it. We don't want to be doing beta versions of all the apps we support as there's generally no reason to be running the betas as portable software. Honestly, our devs and packagers are busy enough as it is.

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v. 9.04 - 9.10 are beta

v. 9.04 - 9.10 are beta but
v. 9.11 - 9.15 are are not in beta

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It's still beta

Check out their home page, looks like they just forgot to add beta to those releases on sourceforge.

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