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Bad update - for real this time?

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Bad update - for real this time?

I got a notice telling me to upgrade firefox and restart, but after that, attempting to run it only brings up the preloader graphic. I tried installing firefox on another USB drive to see if it's just the computer, but the newly installed one worked fine.

So is this recoverable? And if it isn't, how can I move my stuff to a new copy of firefox portable without also copying the bug?

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no autoupdate / copy profile

This might have happened as you should not update the apps here by their built-in updater (which might mess something) but rather run the new installer over it. This would preserve data.

To get your data to your new FF installation, it should be enough to go to FireFoxPortable\Data\ and copy the folder Profile to the same location of the newly installed one, deleting an eventually existing folder there.

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Hmmm...the built in updater

Hmmm...the built in updater never did this before, but it is plausable. So do you mean that I should install a new copy and then overwrite the new profile folder with the old one? The confusion comes from "but rather run the new installer over it", which implies that I just install it on the same folder without deleting what was there before :P.

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Backup / Install Over

Just back up your data folder (to be safe) and then install Firefox Portable 3.6.4 right over your existing copy. That should do it.

And check your drive for errors.

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First make a backup so you have at least one copy of your data as is.
The I suggest you make a clean install and run it once so it creates the default profile. Then you can copy the files you need from your old install to the new one (when firefox isnt running).
See here for a list of all files in your profile.
I know its a long list, but we can help you if you tell us what you want to save over to the new install (examples: bookmarks, saved passwords, saved form data, certificates, your saved dictionary files etc.)
As this can become a time consuming undertaking, reinstall it over the old install first. If the profile isnt broken too much, that should fix it.

Hope you get it to work!

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