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Problems with 3.0.1

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Problems with 3.0.1

Sorry but 3.0.1 still seems like it is not ready for prime time. Back to 2.2.1 again unfortunately Sad

I use Toucan for Sync, and so my comments below all relate to the Sync tab.

1 - Mirror option is not detecting changed source files or deleted source files, only new source files.
Add new file to source, it gets copied to Destination
Delete file from source, does NOT get deleted from Destination
Edit file in source, does NOT get updated in Destination

2 - The folder is still not automatically expanded in Source and Destination file lists. You indicated you would fix this.

3 - Opened an old Job created with 2.2.1, it did not fail this time, but when I tried to save it, Toucan froze. When I restart Toucan and try to open it, Toucan freezes again.

5 - Loaded Toucan, set source folder (contains one file) and destination folder (contains no files), selected Mirror, clicked Preview and it took Toucan over 1 minute to do the preview.

Is there a way I can send you screen prints of what I am seeing? They might help explain some of the issues.

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Problems with 3.0.1 also

My experience is similar to richardjf's. Since I deleted the t2 installation and installed t3 from scratch I had no old jobs. I defined a new sync job, mirroring C:\Mystuff to E:\Mystuff. I tried previewing and the program crashed - a nastygram announcing that "Toucan needs to close etc etc Do I want to report the problem to Microsoft? (N0)"

I ran the program again and when I tried to open the previously defined sync job it crashed again. I have had the same experience with and XP machine as well as a Windows 7 machine.


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3.0.1 - preview function n/w on mirror sync

This application is driving me crazy... It has always had one or two bugs that prevent me from using it with every single release for over a year now...

The latest show stopper is the preview function is not working in v3.0.1

Thank you for your efforts, but my word...

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Mirror doest not work!

Hi --

I have the same problems as richardjf.

When running a mirror, the new source files are copied but no files are deleted from the target directory. I've even try to run a "Clean" after the "Mirror" working only working in one direction, but "Clean" doesn't work either.

It's a pitty: I liked Toucan so much, but as it is now, I can't use it anymore...


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am looking into all of the issues mentioned on this page and will try and get another release out this week or next. My main aim for this next series of releases is to become as stable as possible. Lots of new things were added or changed in 3.0 and ensuring that everything works for everyone all of the time is definitely the number one priority right now.

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Bugs happen

I have no idea if this information will be of any use at all to the debugging but here goes...

I installed Toucan 3.0.1 over 2.2. When trying to load my saved Sync profiles it came up with an error "cant find recycler(???)" I cant really remember exactly what it said and I just deleted the saved profiles and did them again. So probably just ignore that...

Anyway I ran a full Sync Copy with none of the check boxes checked and that worked fine - it copied all the files across. This is to sync an entire HDD partition to a USB stick, on Windows 7.

This morning I tried running a Sync Mirror with "Short Comparison" checked and after a few moments Toucan crashed. It seemed to crash just before it started running down the list of files to be copied. Windows gave the following error:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: Toucan.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4c1a8588
Fault Module Name: MSVCR90.dll
Fault Module Version: 9.0.30729.4926
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a1743c1
Exception Offset: 0006c955
Exception Code: c0000417
Exception Data: 00000000
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: b679
Additional Information 2: b67968ce8828163893e32d5ee87a5362
Additional Information 3: 6766
Additional Information 4: 6766c8fa906ded1ffa901216909ed4f7

If that means anything to anyone...

This crash happens every time at exactly the same point.

Conversely, Sync Mirror with no boxes checked syncs fine. However Sync Mirror with no check boxes seems to do exactly the same thing as Sync Copy, namely it just copies all the files in the directory across again - but perhaps this is what its supposed to do.

Sync Mirror with "File Size" checked worked successfully. As did Sync Mirror "modified time". More interestingly Sync Mirror "full comparison" works just fine too!

So in short "Short Comparison" causes toucan to crash. On my machine. For some reason. Happy to give more details as required.

Hope some of that helps...


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Same issues

I've had the same issues and it's really bugging me. So I rolled back to 2.2.1 which worked fine for me. If anyone wants to do the same I'm posting the link to it Smile
Toucan 2.2.1

Erwan Le Pape

Steve Lamerton
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this all fixed in the new pre-release?

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Thanks for the update. I

Thanks for the update. I will do some testing tomorrow (Friday) and get back to you.

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Bug in 3.0.1

With 3.0.1 version, bugs depend off the language setting.

For example one of the sync bugs mentioned in the first post occurred with French setting but not with English setting.

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