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Extensions & themes suddently dosen't work

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Extensions & themes suddently dosen't work

I have Portable Firefox ver. Normally I copy the Complete folder to the desktop of the computer I'm using at the time, because it runs very slow from my pendrive, a Transcend TS128MJF2A, and the extensions and themes that I have installed are the following:

    • Themes:
  • Minifoxflat 0.3.4
    • Extensions:
  • Adblock
  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater
  • BetterSearch 1.12
  • Plain Text 0.3.2
  • DOM Inspector
  • Download Statusbar
  • Gmail Notifier
  • Linkification 1.3.0
  • NoScript
  • PageStyle2Tab 0.7.4
  • PDF Download 0.7.6
  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Update Notifier 0.1.4
  • Video Downloader 1.1.1
  • SearchPluginHacks 0.1.3
    • To be uninstalled:
  • IE Tab
    • To be installed:
  • IE View Lite 1.2.5

All the extensions and themes apper with the "will be installed upon restart" note. All worked fine until yesterday, when I started firefox, its cofiguration was correct (position of the buttons, bookmarks, etc.), but the extensions and themes didn't work, and that is until now so. I have restarted, reinstalled, moved and done everything what I thougt would work, but it dind't. So now I'm here. If more information is needed to solve my problem, please ask me for it.

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That happens sometimes

I have had that happen to me before where my extensions and themes are there but for some reason they do not work. Most of the time it "fixes" it self so my advice for you is to just wait it out. It will probably just work it self out.

John T. Haller
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Your extensions setup is probably partially corrupted. Backup your FirefoxPortable\Data\profile folder to another location. Then delete these: extensions.ini, extensions.cache, extensions.rdf. Then restart. If the extensions themselves are intact, FF will recreate these files as they were. If not, you'll come up with no extensions. This is actually a Firefox issue (it happens to the local install, too), so if this doesn't solve it, try posting at mozillaZine for further help.

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It didn't work.

I will be waiting further solutions, and post my problem at mozillaZine. Thanks though.

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Problem solved

Finally I found out what the problem was. The PageStyle2Tab 0.7.4 extension has problems and when I uninstalled it, everything worked normally again. Thank you though for suggesting other solutions.

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