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problems with german Toucan 3.0.2, WinXP SP3

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problems with german Toucan 3.0.2, WinXP SP3

I had several problems with Toucan 3.0.2 running from an USB-stick on WinXP SP3

First I installed 3.0.2 over an older version (don't know which one the old one was, but it was some 2.x) and when I tried to start it nothing would happen at all.

After deleting the toucan directory on stick an reinstalling it worked.

Using the german version of toucan doing a "Sync", "Mirror" would only do a copy, nothing was deleted (there was no previous saved job as I deleted all toucan files on stick). Changing to english cured that problem.

Doing a "Preview" with "Preview Only Changes" (english language set) only shows changes for the root directory.

Doing a "Preview" without "Preview Only Changes" (english language set) only shows correct changes for the root directory and claims it would delete everything in the subdirectories. I'm glad it doesn't though, as it would take some time to copy all the stuff it claims it would delete.

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Toucan 3.0.2... no network recognizing

After installing Toucan 302, over Toucan 210, couldn't syncronize from a drive at a local network (on another pc)to my pc at the same network.
Also the version posted was 3.0.1, at ABOUT...
I received a message saying: TO SYNCRONIZE THE SOURCE SHOULDN'T BE EMPTY. (or something similar to this, sorry that I didn't write it down!).
Downgraded to Toucan 2.1.0..... working OK

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for these reports, I hope to get a pre-release out with a fixed for this tomorrow or the day after.

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