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GIMP save settings

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GIMP save settings


I like very much GIMP portable and I am using it quiet often. I also install several plugins.

I have only one problem with GIMP portable. GIMP is not saving my usual settings. Every time when I close the GIMP and start it again all plugins are adjusted to "standart" setting.

How to force GIMP to save settings during quitting?

thanks in advanced

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Same here, newly created

Same here, newly created brushes are lost everytime I close the app.

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"save" your settings

You could update or add a scm-file located here: /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/

For instance: I use GIMP to create rounded buttons for my web-site. So I copied the script pupi-button.scm to pupi-button2.scm and applied the following updates:

script-fu-round-button -> script-fu-round-buttonX (3 times)
_"_Round Button..." -> _"_Round Button XXX..."
the color/font settings

So, when I open GIMP there is an extra item in the rounded-button menu.
You could do a similar thing for your settings.

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