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Cannot run GimpPortable in Windows 7

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Cannot run GimpPortable in Windows 7


I used GimpPortable in my windowsXP computer and it was good. I have now another computer (a new one), with Windows7 but GimpPortable will not run. It loads halfway, and then it crashes. I have tried an older version as well as the current version (2.6.10 rev2), with similar disappointing results. It seems like another fellow had the same problem with Gimp and Gimp Portable:
A google search showed this (dead) link, but I was able to see the Google cached link on its forum:

(Dead link):

(Cached webpage):

Here is an excerpt:

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Post subject: GIMP and Vista - Not Responding
PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:06 am

... I have had Vista and GIMP for over a year and have not had a major problem 'til now.
I started with 2.2, then moved up to 2.4.5, and about a month ago, went to 2.6. No problems. However, starting today, no version of GIMP will work on my computer. They will start and then stall went in notifies its loading Fonts. Then it says that the program is not responding. It even does this with the portable version. ...

Has anyone experienced a similar event or know of a fix?
(It is not crucial that I can't use Gimp, but I do like it. It has some unique features.)

Thanks for your time, Sincerely,

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do you mean GIMP takes time

do you mean GIMP takes time to cache the font list on your computer the first time it is run?

that's normal.

I have used GIMP on linux, windows 2000, XP and windows7. works fine on all

unless you have a wonky font GIMP doesn't like (?) I can't tell what the problem is. give more details please

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Works on Win7 for me

I can use GIMP 2.6.10 on Windows 7 64bit without any problems. It takes about 20 seconds to load, give or take.

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Hi, I have no problem

I have no problem installing portable gimp from the paf.exe. When I try to run it, it starts loading fonts, and then it freezes. Now, one of two things happens, GimpPortable gives a message that it cannot continue due to an error (or something like that). The other thing that may happen is no message is given at all; I go into the windowsTaskManager, and it shows program is not responding, at which point I end it (from the taskManager window).
(Ever since I got the computer, I haven't installed any fonts.)
Thank you for having a look at my query. I believe this is a rare event as no one has heard of it.



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