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Stopping FireFox Portable from Importing My Extensions

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Stopping FireFox Portable from Importing My Extensions

When I installed the Portable Apps suite on my "Imitation 2Gig thumb Drive" FireFox imported all of my extensions including RoboForm with all my logins etc.

How can I install the suite and end up with nothing but a clean install of all apps having imported none of my local settings, extensions or bookmarks?

I want to use this drive for business not personal so I can only have business information on it.

My bookmarks have a bunch of personal junk in them and RoboForm's login data that have nothing to do with business that just take up room, gets in the way and becomes time consuming.

Thanks for any info in advance,

Mike C.

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can not be

this somehow can or should not happen, since it does not import anything from local installation.
So I assume, you are just looking on the wrong firefox?

If you take clean copy of the firefox, install it on a usb stick, nothing will be imported automatically.

Otto Sykora
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auto importing extensions/addons

Some firefox extension install them selves locally in a way that every firefox version which is running automatically adds them to its list. Maybe Roboform is one of these. There is no way of changing or stopping this behaviour.

There are other threads about this problem/behaviour.

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John T. Haller
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Roboform is Unique

Last I checked, if Roboform is running, it will latch onto any running version of Firefox, including the portable version, and insert itself.

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Good to know

Thanks for your replies.

I guess I'll have to:

  1. Back up Robo-Form data on my primary machine
  2. Un-install it
  3. Load the Portable Apps suite on a new stick
  4. Take the stick to a 2nd machine without Robo-Form test it
  5. Re-install Robo-Form on my primary machine and import data
  6. Plugin the new PA stick into primary machine
  7. Run PA Suite and open FireFox
  8. See Robo-Form gloms onto it
  9. If it does, un-plug it
  10. Eject thumb and put it back into 2nd machine without Robo-Form on it
  11. Run PA FireFox and see if it has Robo-Form with my primary machine data on it.

WHEW! Getting dizzy just thinking about it.

I'll let you know what happens here as I imagine I may not be the only one who will have this question.

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