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Automatic/Scheduled Backup Feature Request

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Automatic/Scheduled Backup Feature Request

A feature I would like to see in the next release of the platform is automatic and/or scheduled backup. I use PortableApps on my USB key, and know that they have a short lifespan, and tend to die within a few months. I think a backup scheduler would be useful to those of us with USB keys. Thanks in advance!

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No good idea.

It carries some risks. You need at least some noticable indication that a backup is ongoing or scheduled to avoid that someone just unplugs its USB key and is left with a destroyed backup.

I think it is not good to have something going on in the background. The Platform itself normally is a passive application that does not do anything without user action (apart from things related to itself like refreshing icons and providing enviroment variables) and imo should stay like this. You could manually start a backup everytime you like, just a few clicks.
The only alternative I consider useful might be some kind of "OneClick Backup Button" that could be preconfigured with path/backup type etc. The problem with that is that you have to be shure not to activate it on another PC or you leave traces you probably don't want. Wink

A better solution might be an application on your home pc that automatically backups your drive whenever you insert it or if you need it portable, a portable app that connects to a clouddrive to backup there (better not automatic).

Btw. what do you do with your USB keys? Even if I use it alot on a daily basis mine tend to live a lot longer than months. I measure their lifespan in year(s). That said, I only use USB keys of quality manufacturers.


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In all my years using USB

In all my years using USB devices I have still only lost one, and that was through no fault of either me or it. It only died because the computer it was plugged into was fried when the residual current device for my flat short-circuited.

Otherwise I am still using a USB that is around 7 years old, and it is still as trustworthy as ever, although I do use it a little less now since it is only a 1 gig and I have a 2, two 4's and an 8 as well.

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meeee toooo ...

I've got my usb that is about 3 years old.

Are you buying crap or bootleg ones?

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I even have a few 64mb drives lying around here somewhere that still work

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