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IRC logging changed servers

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Submitted by Chris Morgan on March 3, 2011 - 5:10am

As Patrick has said, he's closing, so everything on it needs to move. I would like to thank Patrick for his valuable assistance in running palogbot et al. for all this time. IRC logging is now running from my server; from what I've seen of other things, it should have higher uptime than and fewer dropouts. We'll see if it does turn out that way. Whatever the case, it will check that it's running and start it if it's not every 20 minutes, so it should continue to work.

The new palogbot is the same as the old palogbot, but I've made a few modifications in the setup:

  • I've put in a two-second delay between NickServ auth and channel join; this should clean up this sort of noise:

    01:23:45 *** palogbot ( has joined #portableapps
    01:23:45 *** palogbot has quit (Changing host)
    01:23:45 *** palogbot (~palogbot@unaffiliated/rmmccue/bot/palogbot) has joined #portableapps

    And make it just the last line.

    (Side note:; I switched my hosting to WebFaction - I think I should be permitted to put an affiliate link in there - the best part of a year ago, and it's been great. I mean really great. No downtime that I'm aware of at all, great Python support, shell access with SSH, a well done app management system, so much better than my previous, "normal" class, host. Until I get to VPS/dedicated server level requirements, I'm sticking with WebFaction.)

  • Lines starting with @@ will now be not shown in the logs. The only place I can think of where this should be used is email addresses. If you're posting something in channel that you don't want logged by palogbot, consider seriously whether you should post it at all - lots of people can see it, and it will be put in their client's logs which it will normally make. (In theory lines starting with â would be omitted in #portableapps logs, but due to file/stream encoding issues I couldn't get that to trigger easily; in #portableapps-dev it was different - [off])
  • Auto-restart: at 7, 27 and 47 minutes past each bot will automatically start itself if it's not running already. I've disabled the online restart URLs as well. (MaienM already had an auto-restart script in his IRC client which would often work - but if the server was properly down it wouldn't work. To cater for this case, I had an hourly cron job which fetched the same online restart URL so that if MaienM's script failed, mine would make sure logging didn't stop for more than an hour.)

The channel logs are now available from

Anything else I should mention? Any questions?


So the dev channel will be un-logged from now on?
Not the worst idea imho as there’s hardly anyone in it anyhow.

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