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Winmac Portable?

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Winmac Portable?

Winmac ( is a program that gives Windows users a MacOS like menu bar. I would basically like to see it go portable. I tried by simply install it to my flash drive, but it unloaded some files to C:WINDOWS\system32\. Hopefully my school doesn't notice. I'm not sure if it is open source, but I or someone else could send them an email to ask for either a portable version or he source, or at the very least see if they respond.

Edit: On a side note, what happened to he portable Mini vMac?

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Sorr, but don't think there's much chance:

1. It seems to be Freeware and permission would be needed.
2. Development seems to have died in 2003!
3. It must hook into the XP OS in a very specific (deep) way as it says that it must be installed prior to the installation of SP3.
4. All Public (and personal) computers should already have SP3 installed if they are still using XP.
5. It might well cause significant 'damage' if run on XP SP3, Vista or Win 7 installations.


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needs to unload files?

you just stated that they way it works by default will make it nearly impossibly to portablise. i havent even looked at the liscense but this looks like something that is not needed for any signifigant porpouse other than to look pretty. also sounds as if it needs some rights to a folder that is commonly locked in public computers.

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