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every time I start OO-Portable I have to make the choice if I want a registration or not and have to fill in my name. Is there a way, to save these settings.


John T. Haller
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It should by default

After running, is there anything within the settings folder? Are you using a path with oddball characters like $ or anything?

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ecandanedo (not verified)
Same problem happens to me

What specific file should I look into?

grummerd (not verified)
Isn't this obviously a bug or at least a tragedy?

Malo reported an obvious bug. Each and every time portable OpenOffice is opened, walking through a four screen registration wizard is necessary. Going through this registration wizard more than once is a tragedy. It's down right abusive. What gives?

I don't think anyone will use Portable OpenOffice as is.

Kind Regards,
Dave, Tokyo

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Dear 'Dave' of Tokyo, Let me

Dear 'Dave' of Tokyo,

Let me offer this reply:
- Firstly, I feel that the tone of your posting is rather rude (or at least poorly informed). Portable OpenOffice clearly has many users, and this bug is hardly 'abusive'- come on!
- The fact that only two people have posted about this problem would suggest it may be rare.
- As you can see from John's response to the first poster, he would clearly like to help and fix this problem. However, a report such as "Your (free!) software doesn't work for me", really doesn't actually help find the problem. If you, or the 1st poster would like to answer John's questions then this would be a good start in tracking down the problem.


Steve Lamerton
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Can I just say how STRONGLY I agree with ace_dent and offer my own views.

Firstly - If you dont like the (free) software that some else (John) has created then don't use it but DON'T make rude/nasty/uninformed comments about it. For a start the problem must be rare as if you take a quick look at the Portable Oo.o homepage you will see that there have been, and I quote, 133,000+ downloads. Now if it were a common problem do you not think that there would be more comments raised.

Secondly - If you bothered to answer the question then maybe John could fix the problem.

Thirdly - If you make a comment like that again I will do all I can to persuade John to shutdown your user account as I personally think that this kind of unhelpful and useless comment is not what this community needs to keep florishing.

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First of all...

First of all, Learn how to talk in a support forum. Talking rudely and insulting the programmers will not get you a faster helpful response.

Second if one of you would please answer the question we(the forum users) or John will do our best to help you.

I use OO.o and I do not have this problem. Could have possibly been a bad download. Try to redownload and see what happens. Post the results, NICELY.


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Steve Lamerton
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Go us!

I do love it when a community pulls together to deal with someone when they know they are is the wrong. Go the community and I hope we florish here for a long time to come Smile

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Well, since the actual point

Well, since the actual point of this thread got sidetracked somehow, I'll second Malo's question. The registration wizard comes up every time I start Oo. I actually fixed this once a year ago or so, but the problem has since resurfaced and I can't for the life of me remember what I did last time. My settings folder is in what I assume to be the normal location (E:\Portable Applications\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\Data\Settings), and I've tried getting rid of it to let Oo create a new one (after backing it up of course). No luck... Once I get into Oo, all my settings are fine. It's just that dang registration wizard...

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