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wiresharkportable already in PortableApps Format (great utility)

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wiresharkportable already in PortableApps Format (great utility)

I've come to use wireshark application, and found from their download that the portable version is formatted in PortableApps format. Tried loading the software from PotableApps shell, and it worked.

When starting the apps and trying it, there is a flaw, which is winpcap. The program works with it, and it is not part of wiresharkportable.

Check it out anyway. Look at the URL below and see the familiar package name format.


Ps. Do hope that this could contribute to the community.

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Wireshark portable isn't

Wireshark portable isn't officially supported (yet). Check out this topic for more info.

As for the WinPCap thing: the last I can find (on this forum) is that WinPCap is installed on running Wireshark, and uninstalled on close. Can't guarantee this is still the way it works though.

Unfortunately, it can't be done any other way as WinPCap is a driver and needs to be installed to the host machine.

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