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[Closed] Suggestion - Application selection in the search results

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[Closed] Suggestion - Application selection in the search results


I have a new suggestion for the Portable Apps Platform.
In following I write PAP for "Portable Apps Platform".
By the way: I am using the version 10.0.1 of the PAP.

When I start tying (for example "Eras") to find "Eraser", then I get two results ("Eraser" and "EraserDrop").
Here I would like to select the correct entry by using the arrow keys (arrow up and arrow down).

Yes, I had a look at the Platform Bug Report and Feature Tracker.
There I saw the first entry Platform not accessible to screen readers or keyboard navigation.

So I saw, that keyboard navigation is already planned (and partly implemented).
But I wrote this posting here to make sure that the application selection using the arrow keys in the search results is also implemented.



John T. Haller
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As you already saw that this feature is planned, there is no need at all for this topic.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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