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Error found during the installation

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Error found during the installation

Hello there. I just came across this awesome project call Having downloaded the platform software, i am faced with some difficulties at the installation. After having chosen my root directory as installation directory, i received an error statement saying : " Error opening file for writing : C:\Start.exe". From here, i can't go on. Might somebody help me out ? If i may mention, the software version i have is the Platform 10.0.1
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You're trying to install it to the system drive's root directory, what needs administrator privileges. I'd suggest you to install to another drive or in another folder.

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By default the installation directory will show itself as on C:\ if no device is connected to the system... Like a Flash or USB drive or w/e.. Sort of pointless to install on the main drive of your system anyway...

There is a way to do this.. but it can be complicated and requires first installing then copying the installation.. The setting Compatibility options.. May even work by running the installer as an Administrator.. not for sure.. but you will have to have privileges to do so and it will require the password in UAC to run in an LUA... Also can possibly run into issues with HIPS Protections as well as other areas such as Firewall and Password Protected Security Suites... Group and Local Security Policy can also interfere if configured to do so..

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Had this error too

Running the installer as an administrator did the trick for me!

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