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Looking for Audio Disc Burner with split track functionality

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Looking for Audio Disc Burner with split track functionality

I use Audacity to record sermons. Which are then trimmed to MP3 and then burned for sale. What I would like to be able to do is burn the disc (or more properly an image) with multiple tracks. I know with Nero I used to be able to see the audio waveform of the disc and then split it where I liked. I'd like to be able to split the CDs into Intro, 3 Parts, and an Outro is there a way to do that outside of manually taking the long MP3 and splitting it into five separate mp3s and then burning on something that can do gapless?

I would be interested in portable and non portable programs.

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You can do that with Audacity

You can do that with Audacity using the label track. Just go to the position you want to split, hit Ctrl-B and enter a useful description if you like. Then, when you are ready, use File -> Export Multiple to export the track divided in single files. You can use automatic numbering. Then import these files in your favorite burning app that supports disc-at-once. Should come out gapless.

Alternatively there are many cue-sheet generators out there that might do the trick. MP3directcut can create cue sheets as well. There is a portable version somewhere in the beta forums here.

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