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[Fixed] UUID-GUID Generator: Error while opening when braces are off

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[Fixed] UUID-GUID Generator: Error while opening when braces are off

Error shown:
"Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window."
After clicking OK, textbox has "edtUUID" value instead of new UID.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Uncheck {Braces} checkbox
2. Restart app.

Ken Herbert
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Verified on 32-bit Win7

Verified on 32-bit Win7 Ultimate. To add to the original report, re-checking {Braces} and restarting removes the error.

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Verified on XP

Verified: Also occurs on WinXP (SP3, x86)

Also: When the error shows (after starting without {Braces} checked) the text-box containts "edtUUID", however the error only seems to affect the auto-generated ID which is normally already present in the text-box when starting, it still seems to generate IDs fine whether by clicking "Generate", or pressing Alt+G once it's actually running.


John T. Haller
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Fixed in 1.1

This has been fixed in 1.1. Sorry about missing this bug for a few months.

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