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Portable Safari for Windows

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Portable Safari for Windows

Recently, Apple has released the third beta of Safari, now compatible with Windows. Is there any possibility to convert this browser into a portable version?


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I doubt it...

cause its not stable yet (only beta) and seems to have some rendering problems.
And I dont think its Open Source...

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Before anyone else says

please search:

There was more posts all with simmilar answers... it isn't open source, so portable versions arn't possible from this site. As I said before maybe apple will make it portable one day, but not today.

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John T. Haller
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Safari is a closed source application. Anyone packaging it portably is breaking the law.

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So that means...

that Developer on Softonic is breaking the law.
here is the [links to illegal downloads removed by mod JTH]

Update: Links Removed!

PHP5, MySQL, Apache, Ruby, Batch, EXE, CRX (Chrome Extensions), AU3(AutoIT v3), JAVA, JAVAScript, INI, INF, Flash, Visual Basic, C, C++, Turbo C, C#, BASIC, Pascal.

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I asked the same thing and in fact I was the first person to ask on this forum. It aint happening.

I wish people would learn how to search before asking stupid questions...

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Drop the subliminal insult, ok?!?!

If it's so hard and bothersome for you to answer a question, WHAT IN THE BLODDY HELL ARE YOU DOING IN A FORUM? I thnak John and the others for the answer, but due to people like you, I'm leaving this forum. Good riddance.

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It wasn't subliminal ...

and good bye.

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Well Check this one

I'am So sorry for this, really i don't know about legal and ilegal portable software. please give me the rule to make some portable apps. Thank's

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loadfoo, please edit your post to remove the download for the illegaly modified and packaged copy of Safari.

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not in portable apps form

but thinstalled and therefore portable. and i can't see how this wouldn't be a legal modification.
[Link to illegal software removed by moderator JTH. Many of the apps on the site you linked... and most 'thinstalled' software online... including GPLed software (since it is combined with closed code)... is, in fact, illegal. Do not link to it again. *ANY* package of portable safari (except from Apple) is illegal. Many sites allow posting and discussion of illegal software and warez. is a legitimate software site and does not.]

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he was asked to remove the link, Safari is closed source (or at least contains closed source components), so repackaging it is illegal. please edit your post and remove the link.

if it was an illegal link when one person posted it, and they were asked to remove it, reposting the illegal link is rather frowned upon in these forums

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He's right.


He's right.

-not that I want portable safari.

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safari 4 may be the breakthrough

there's a lot of speculation that they might make the new safari 4 browser open-source maybe then will we see official portable versions but the last link works quite nicely for portable safari

EDIT: well, the link did work work until it was removed XD

John T. Haller
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The link to the illegal package was removed over a year ago. Please don't resurrect dead topics.

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Check this out...

O.K. Well, sue me if you guys don't like my idea, but I found this website called "" and it's got an old version of safari. Well... The newest version they got on there is only 19 megabytes. I think that you could just install it onto your drive. Wouldn't that be easier? Here, i'll leave a link. Tell me what you think of this idea:


P.S. The Safari isn't really compatable on widnows 2000 or lower, and i've got a 2000, roflmfaool.

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It's still not open source software. This site currently deals in open source software only.

Edit: The link in the previous comment goes to a site that contains more closed source software. Possibly Illegal too?

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Note: John's comment states Safari is a closed source application. Anyone packaging it portably is breaking the law.

He is referring to portablized versions as being illegal.

The site referred to above seems to only be linking to Old versions of the original app, which it lists as Freeware.


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the reason you cant make it a portable app is because apple is selling it as a portable app of .99 cents a copy


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