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Updates/Downloads incredibly slow

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Updates/Downloads incredibly slow

came back from a long trip, and decided to update
my portable platform and the programs. turned out
i needed latest version of platform, plus 22 updates
of progs.

fine: platform went smooth, restarted, and then update
of the 22 progs - and the whole thing went into a
crawl - took just about 2 hrs to update the set.

and i DO have a fast (1600 kb/s) aDSL line, that
fairly constant delivers 1200-1400 all the time,
but certainly not this time.

the highest i got was 240, but the average was hovering
around 40-50 - never seen this before. roughly 1/30th
of what i am used to.

have i done something wrong? is there a trick to get
normal download speeds? 2+ hrs for updating a portable
setup of just under 1 GB is unbelievable.

would appreciate some comments on this.

greetings - heinz -

John T. Haller
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Depend on Mirror

It very much depends on the mirror you are downloading from in the case of SourceForge (most of our open source apps), and those are designed to be auto selected based on geography. Our freeware apps we host are all hosted in the RackSpace Cloud with very fast bandwidth. And publisher apps are dependent on publisher servers.

Incidentally, if your DSL is advertised as a 1.6M connection, you'd be seeing much lower than 1.2-1.4M download speeds. My connection here is 50M but I don't see anywhere near that from any individual server, of course.

Also of note, LibreOffice's server mirrors have had some issues lately and if you happened to get a slow one, it can take an hour or more to download LibreOffice Portable. Just as it'll take the same amount of time to download LibreOffice regular for desktop install from them. Any chance LibreOffice was one of the apps you updated? Check how fast your download is from them and what mirror you get. We've been having issues with their mirrors for months and are considering switching back to SourceForge for LibreOffice Portable downloads.

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Last seen: 5 months 2 weeks ago
Joined: 2006-09-21 10:28
john, tks for the quick

john, tks for the quick reply. yes, actual download
speed was just 1.25M, so the line and the technical
setup on my side were fine. i had downloaded various
things (a clip, the WIN update, others) before and
after, just to make sure. the WIN update averaged at
0.850M, still 20x faster than the portable progs.

and yes, LIBRE OFFC was in my set, but they were actually
amongst the faster ones (+/- 0.350M).

naturally, i just clicked the UPDATE button, and have
no idea or influence what servers were used - is there
any way to choose?

greetings - heinz -

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