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Pidgin: OTR Messaging has been updated to v4.0.0-0

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Pidgin: OTR Messaging has been updated to v4.0.0-0

Released 09/04/2012

The new version of OTR-Messaging has been released with long awaited features. Posting to bring this to the attention of the community

The main new features in 4.0.0:

-Support v3 of the OTR protocol
-The plugin now supports multiple OTR conversations with the same buddy who is logged in at multiple locations. In this case, a new OTR menu will appear, which allows you to select which session an outgoing message is intended for. Note that concurrent SMP authentications with the same buddy who is logged in multiple times is not yet supported (starting a second authentication will end the first).
-During a private conversation with a buddy, an incoming unencrypted message will now trigger the regular incoming message notifications. In Pidgin this includes showing the message in the top-right notification area, if it is normally configured to do so.
-When a private conversation begins, the plugin will indicate whether Pidgin is configured to log the conversation.
-By default, OTR conversations will not be logged by Pidgin.
-New translations.
-libotr API changes:
--instance tags, to support multiple simultaneous logins
--support for asynchronous private key generation
--the ability to provide an "extra" symmetric key to applications (with forward secrecy)
--applications can supply a format conversion callback if they do not natively use XHTML-style UTF8 markup
--error messages formerly provided by libotr are now handled using callbacks to the application, for better i18n support
--otrl_message_sending now handles message fragmentation internally

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And, it's available already, thanks to the awesomeness that is John:

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