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Will not auto start?

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Will not auto start?

I had an old version (v10) on a smaller flash drive,
I wanted to update to a larger drive.
I copied every thing over to new drive then ran portable apps 11.2 to install/update it on same drive.
Now the PA will not auto-start when drive is plugged in.
Autorun is in the root and contains the following
" [Autorun]

What if anything is the problem and how do I fix it.

plugging old drive into comp PA auto-starts.

John T. Haller
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Removed, Security Risk

We removed the Open= line quite a while back as support for autoplay prompts using autorun.inf was removed from Windows XP/Vista over 2 years ago (IIRC) and never included in Windows 7/8. This is to prevent the spread of USB based malware. All up-to-date Windows machines have it disabled now. If your machine is allowing it, please check and ensure you have all available updates applied.

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