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tablet version of PA?

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tablet version of PA?

I was wondering has there been any thought given to making a full screen version of portable apps theme so it can be used on devices like a tablet pc. Even with scrolling screens and other gestures. It would be so cool and sure to get some more attention to PA

Cheers Robeee

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Operating System

Our Platform and apps only run on Windows on normal PCs and not on Android/iOS/ARM-based Windows 8 which are the most common Tablet operating systems. Thats whythere is noPortableApps for tablets.

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John T. Haller
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Windows Tablets, Not Windows RT (aka Windows Light)

In theory, we could make one optimized for Windows Tablets running full Windows 8 Professional. We could not make it work on Windows RT (aka Windows Light) as it is locked down to prevent it and would not be accepted into the app store. There are, however, currently no actual Windows tablets on the market, only Windows RT tablets. Windows Pro tablets are expected to launch next month and we'll have to see if they catch on at all. Windows RT has not as of yet.

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People seem to forget that

People seem to forget that Windows tablets have been around for many years - and yes,I do realise that the modern ones are better equipped for finger gestures. I have an old Acer Travelmate C110 running Windows XP Tablet edition & a Fujitsu Lifebook U1010 running Windows Vista Tablet edition. The best thing with them is that they are both convertable tablets with keyboards, multiple IO ports and can they run standard Windows software.

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