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Lost account settings

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Lost account settings

I recently went to load Thunderbird Portable, and it asked for account setup information. All my previous information was gone.

Now, everytime Thunderbird starts it asks for account information again.

Is there a setting pointing to a wrong location, or a corrupted file that could be causing this?

I've checked thru the forums and have been unable to find the answer. If I missed it, I do apologize.

John T. Haller
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As long as you're correctly launching ThunderbirdPortable.exe (and not thunderbird.exe) it's usually partial corruption in your profile. Your profile is still there (in ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile) but part of it is corrupted so that TB can't recognize it.

There is a topic called What do I do if my profile is corrupted? at mozillaZine that will help. Keep in mind the location of your profile (above). Back it up to another location (you could actually rename the whole Data directory to DataBackup and launch TB Portable... it'll recreate the Data directory with a new default profile). Then copy in the uncorrupted pieces a bit at a time with TBP closed.

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