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Classic Shell Portable

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Classic Shell Portable

I am interested in finding other people who think the Free, Open-Source "Classic Shell" would be a great project to develop further specifically for Portability

I'd like to put a team together of people with the skills to make it happen...

I've been thinking a portable version could serve more as a USB interface & a TaskBar Overlay/Supplement/Replacement

the main features would be the current awesome Buttons that take DOS Commands on the System Drive & Custom Shortcuts & Custom Icons

It wouldnt be that difficult to use Relative Paths, since I think VB does that pretty easily.. I'm not sure if the current classic shell support relative paths in the Links or not

anyway, it might work like this:

-Create a NewButton, Add a Relative Link.. if you browse to an Item on a computers D, E, F drive etc, a window pops up and tells you that it is not located on the same drive as Classic Shell Portable (CSP), and cannot be added... But Adding any program on the System Drive would work (C:\ only), without the need to type the drive path, (as it does now, anyway)

-You could then create custom links to:
+Folders anywhere on your USB drive
+Any Portable Programs
+Links to Bat files contained in a folder on the USB drive
+Links to any Program Installed on your USB Drive, that didnt need to make any Registry Entries, etc..
+Commands to Nircmd, or other custom Command Programs on your USB Drive
+Any System Commands or System MSC or CPL programs, etc..
+Anything on the System Drive (C:\ only)

-All Icons would have to be either on the System Drive, or in a Folder anywhere on your USB drive, or perhaps an internal ICon Folder which CSP installs in its own directory

-Start Menu Buttons would be customizable, as they are now, with any 3-state Orb PNG

-Search would use AgentRansack or other Free Search with Command Parameters that is installed on your USB drive, and various Parameters maybe could even be Relative Paths to search USB, & to Windows Drive

-Internet Search would launch a USB-based Web Browser

-Recent Apps would only save Items launched from the same drive as CSP is installed, and on the System Drive (C:\ only)

-"Pin to CSP Menu" could work for only items on the CSP Install Drive as well as System Drive Items.. and the Pin function could be simply a folder of shortcuts.. and maybe a mini program launched which places a little pin button over EXE files when your mouse goes over them..

-It doesnt have to be "Stand-Alone" Portable, so long as it Installs on the USB and doesnt make changes to the System Drive or Registry

-If its not possible to simply click CSP.exe and have it work as it does now on Windows, then Classic Shell could simply have its own menu interface separate from Windows.. a bit like the one, only more open & customizable

-It could dock to the left, right, top, bottom, or any of the 4 corners.. and be drag-resizable...

-The Menu could be Multi-Column or Scrollable, and even include its own little quicklaunch on the bottom toolbar.. or a full Taskbar, and you could specify the width & height of the Taskbar, and location of Quick-launch, and it could display running apps in a separate section as well

- The Quicklaunch Bar & Taskbar could also work with Stoic Jokers T-Clock..

Classical Explorer Portable could perhaps just be a stand-alone Explorer Program.. like Q-dir.. or not, not important.. Classic Shell is the most important part.. if a stand-alone Classic Explorer could work together with QTtabbar, from the USB, then it'd definitely be worth developing

that would definitely create the best program going...

I think should abandon its interface and re-build Classic Shell for Portable Apps instead...

Gord Caswell
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not classic shell...

It's not classic shell, but here's something that sounds similar to what you're looking for: won't be changing to use Classic Shell instead just because one user desires that change. Feel free to fork and start your own project that does, though! That's the great thing about opensource, you're free to use the code, or not, as you see fit.

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Emerge Desktop already does all that

You can use Emerge Desktop in fully portable mode with relative paths. In fact eD doesn't use ANY registry settings since version 5.0 (released back in June 2010).
Pass by the forum if you need any assistance Wink

Pedro aka MeToo

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no CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

portable apps platform is fine the way it is with only minor tweaks needed

but i would never dis them or their launcher on their own site or at all because they always do what they can to please their users if they can

but i wouldn't mind classic shell as a portable app within the platform with the option to use the programs inside the platform launcher

but over all OP don't dis the launcher or the dev's because they usually do what they can if they are able to

i'm not wierd, i'm just different

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