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Run Miranda NG.. already running?!?

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Run Miranda NG.. already running?!?

After installing Miranda NG, the installer asks if i want to run it, i click yes. Error dialog appears "Miranda NG Portable is already running".

How can it, it's the first time i've ever even installed it?

Gord Caswell
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This is just a guess, as I haven't tested it yet, but do you have Miranda running at the same time?

Miranda NG is based off Miranda, so there's quite possibly file name conflicts, just the same as if you try to run both and LibreOffice at the same time.

[EDIT] I can now confirm that this is indeed the case, having tested this exact use case. Both Miranda and Miranda NG run the file "miranda32.exe" in their respective app folder, so if one is running it, the other will block running to prevent errors with both.

If, however, you are experiencing this error and are NOT running Miranda at the same time, this is a bug of some sort, and we can investigate further. Please let us know!

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