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Separating the Portable Font function

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Separating the Portable Font function

Will it be possible to create a standalone app for portability of fonts?
As I only use this function but do not actually rely on the PortableApp Platform.

Thanks in advance!

John T. Haller
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Not Planned

We're not planning on building or supporting a separate portable font solution. Our work is centered around the Platform and we have no plans to cannibalize it for other purposes.

There was a portable font solution in the forums somewhere if you search for it. I believe it was AutoIT-based, though, so that has its own set of issues.

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Or you could try something

Or you could try something linke Nexusfont. It is portable by design. There is an outdated devtest somewhere in the beta forum, but that one just adjusts the structure for the pa.c platform.

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