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Program: Duplicati

License: Duplicati is licensed under LGPL

Description: The software allows for encryption and backup of files to the cloud (multiple services are available including Amazon S3).

Website, Developer site:
Website, Geberal:

Other: The folowing information comes from:

Issue #70 Portable app version
Duplicati already supports running in portable mode, by simply starting Duplicati with the commandline option --portable-mode. To solve this task, you would need to examine the Portable Apps packaging system, and then produce a batch/python script that re-packages a zip file as a portable app, including a menu item that starts Duplicati with the --portable-mode option set.

Gord Caswell
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i'll look at it.

I'll take a look at it.

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Requires .NET, just so you know.

Gord Caswell
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Stay away on principle

Hmm, in that case I won't pick it up. I stay away from .NET based apps on principle. As they can't be fully portablized, I'd rather not spend time on them, there's plenty of other apps out there that don't.

With that said, if someone else wants to pick this up, feel free!

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Love it

I use it on daily bases, and I absolutely love it.
It is a fantastic app, backs up on a scheduled bases, or manual to the cloud or local/network location. It also supports relative path. Simply hit"\" and it lists all what is on your flash drive, to pick what you want to backup. I just use "\" and it backs up everything on my flash drive.

As for .NET... well, most computers have that now days, so that is no longer an issue.

Please add it to the portable apps format.
It would be so much easier to keep up with updates, preserving settings.

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very good!

I started using it recently, and feel it very good too!
you can backup to file or to a cloud service, and can crypt files also, limit band et cetera..
it seems you can install it to linux too (not have tried yet)

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DuplicatiPortable works for me

Since I love both, PortableApps and Duplicati, I've tried to make a DuplicatiPortable out of it. I've taken the PortableApps.com_Application_Template_2.4, copied Duplicati 1.3.4 to the App folder, modified some files and ran the Launcher over it and ... it seems to work. I'll do some more tests to be sure.
I'd love, if it can be added to the "normal" Portable Apps. What must be done to achieve this? Please let me know.

PortableApps be with you!

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You can find some information

You can find some information on .net support here (

Many .net versions will not be found by default on the host system, and as they cannot be portabalised then the application will not work if the version it requires cannot be found.
Also the support for .net varies considerably depending on the version of the OS.

If at first you do not succeed, use more sticky tape.

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Duplicati --portable-mode

Yes - I know, this is a very old subject however with CrashPlan recently declaring intentions to kill home use I started looking into Duplicati as a replacement and this page came up as THIRD on the "duplicati portable" search results, so I guess some bot thinks it's still valid.

For what it's worth Duplicati version 2 still supports "--portable-mode" and can be downloaded in many formats (including msi and zip) from their download page.

Hopefully somebody with more PortableApps knowledge will find this and can take it further. Smile

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That would be great indeed,

That would be great indeed, to have proper DuplicatiPortable!

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