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What happen to Open Office Updated packages

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What happen to Open Office Updated packages

Still it is 3.2.0 . But officially 4.0 is released.
Is any update regarding that?

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otherwise there would be one Smile
I believe its still in the works.

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John T. Haller
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Details are here:

And the last update was here:

Until then, use LibreOffice Portable. It has all the features of OpenOffice and quite a few more, will continue to add everything OpenOffice does (see the new properties sidebar in OO 4.0 which was also added in LO 4.1), has a larger development team (if I recall correctly), and is used in every Linux, BSD and Debian distribution making cross-platform compatibility more widely available.

We'll be adding Apache OpenOffice in the near future, but will likely continue to recommend LibreOffice and bundle it on our flash drive products due to the longterm partnership and cooperation we receive from the LibreOffice development team.

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Ok fine. Thanks for good update. Will wait for Openoffice also.


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LibreOffice yes. Apache OpenOffice too of course

LibreOffice is a magnificent project, Apache OpenOffice is too, while its benefit improvements LibO.
Not incorporate the most recent is a demerit. Providing both possibilities in their latest versions, portableapps truly be strengthened to provide the best options at the discretion of its members.(translate by google)

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Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 now out

A quick update. We've released now Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1, with a lot of good bug fixes and new translations. Feedback so far has been great. This of course builds on all the new features from Apache OpenOffice 4.0.

We've had over 70 million downloads of Apache OpenOffice in the past 18 months, so this is quite a success.

The WinPenPack guys were quick to update their portable version of Apache OpenOffice:

I know many of our users would love to see a PortableApps version as well, when John can find time. I count myself as a user looking forward to this as well. The update from April was that this was 95% complete.

Again, don't hesitate if you need any help on reviewing the trademark use, John. I promise you it will be painless.

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would be appreciated as Libre ain't 100% compatible with AOO

at least when it comes to extensions there are differences (e.g. Writer2ePub)

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I've yet to find ...

... an openoffice addon that won't work in libreoffice, your post has inspired me to try eLAIX which creates ePub3 from writer docs

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