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autorun.inf suspicious file?

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autorun.inf suspicious file?

I use to have v10 and it never had any problems. I formatted my USB today (had a lot of junk files) and decided to re-download PortableApps.

After installing, McShield 2 picked up autorun.inf as a suspicious file and automatically renamed it to autorun.inf.vir.

Has autorun.inf been modified since then?
I find it hard to believe that this would somehow have contain a virus.

Or is it because my pc may be infected?

Edit: Closed McShield 2 so it wouldn't block it for VirusTotal Scan.
Results : 1/47

edit : McShield 2 renamed my newly self created autorun.inf, so I guess that's normal but, that result really surprised me. I thought everything was all clean.

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False Positive

That's another McAfee false positive, and a pretty blatant one at that. Not only can't an autorun.inf be used to spread a virus anymore, but the autorun.inf it is alerting on only has 2 lines in it. One to give the drive an icon and one to allow it to have a longer than 11 character name. It doesn't even have a Start/Run line in it.

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McShield 2 is not a McAfee

McShield 2 is not a McAfee product. I should have pointed that out, my apologies.

McShield 2 is an USB Anti-Malware scanning software.

edit : I've added it to the whitelist of the program so, it shouldn't be complaining anymore.

I just find it weird the scan result wasn't exactly clean for the file.

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