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Setting cookies in user.js

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Setting cookies in user.js


I understand that Portable Firefox is hardcoded to prevent accepting cookies, even if you set Firefox to accept cookies.
However, I knew that one can set Portable Firefox to accept cookies by modifying the file user.js, but forgot how to do it.
Can someone tell me which setting it is?

Thanks in advance,

José Pinto

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Not true.

Cookies are allowed. I have a big list in my FxP.

Cache is disabled by default but can be allowed if you want.

Cookies do not take up a great deal of space at all. It is basically a .txt file.

Try Tools > Options > Privacy.
You will find the cookies setting under there. You can click allow cookies. Surf a bit and check back to see what you have in the "show cookies" area. It should work.

Edit-Certain extensions may block cookies. Make sure one of them is not blocking your cookies.

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