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How does Firefox ESR work exactly?

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How does Firefox ESR work exactly?

Hi everybody,

My context is :
- All computers work with Windows XP or 7 and IE (8 for Win XP and 10 for Win 7).
- We have an application who can only works with Firefox.
- It’s use HTML5.
- Installing Firefox is strictly forbidden

So I would like to know if Firefox portable may be the solution.
What is the way to make it possible?

- Firefox Portable ESR must be only use by this application and no other.
- No Firefox file’s or .exe’s must be appears in directory

Thanks for you response.

John T. Haller
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Same As Regular Firefox

Think of Firefox ESR as Firefox pegged to an older version longer. There's no real difference in normal end-user use. Firefox ESR is designed so larger organizations (corporations/universities) can have time to verify their web apps against a specific browser engine (Gecko inside Firefox) before releasing it. So, whereas regular Firefox is updated every 6 weeks and gets security updates and new features, Firefox ESR only gets security updates every 6 weeks and then gets the features all at once every 8 releases.

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