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Submitted by darksabre76 on October 7, 2014 - 12:19am

Hi all. I'm not sure who actually sees these blog posts, but I figured that I should do an update as to why none of my apps have been updated recently.

Short version: life offline has been really good to me and such, but it's left me with little time to devote to PortableApps.

Long version: About 3 months ago, I moved cross-country for a job, which resulted in the first drought of PA.c development. Things started pretty slow, so I had quite a bit of time and energy to devote to maintaining my projects here. I caught up with pretty much everything and then work finally gave me a big project to work on. It was supposed to be done by now, but it's been getting more and more complex, which has kept me ever further from the projects here.

Conclusion: I finally have a small bit of down time so I'll try to update some of my apps while I can, but don't expect them too quickly. I'm going to tend to go in alphabetical order so sorry for the VERY long wait on XnViewMP...


Firstly, thank you for all your time and effort on everything you've done.

Secondly, Real Life(tm) is surprisingly important. Not only does it come first before anything you do on here, it also comes second and third!

Get your Real Life stuff done and then have a rest.

We'll still be here when you can get back into things here Smile

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We all (or at least most of us) have lives outside of the computer too, so we can understand when things fall a bit behind.

As a PortableApps developer, programmer (day job) and programmer (outside of day job) I understand what it is like. I can spend 16 hours a day sitting at a screen and still not get around to everything that I want to get done, and that is not factoring in my hobbies, family and friends outside of the computer....

Just take it as it comes and do what you can, when you can. You'll probably still get your dev tests updated quicker than me, and I've only got 2 or 3 that are outdated.

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Ken and Grant said it. Especially Ken. 16 hours in front of a screen? Get a life dude. Ha ha.

Really, if you can use a hand on updating, reach out. Not sure how that's done around here, but ...

I'm in the middle of putting together my own portable development kit. Liking some of the packages you have in your repertoire and am able to update my for myself. Willing to help so others can benefit.

Dan Carroll

Dan "FloriDan" Carroll
Just an old hacker having fun.