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Should updates for Firefox 35.0.1 be installed in Firefox Portable Edition?

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Should updates for Firefox 35.0.1 be installed in Firefox Portable Edition?

The operating system for my desktop is XP. My browser is Firefox Portable Edition with Google as the search engine. Recently I got a popup in the middle of the screen ask me if I wanted to download Security and Stability updates for Firefox 35.0.1. I do not know the relationship between Firefox 35.0.1 and Firefox Portable Edition. Should I install the updates for Firefox 35.0.1 on my Firefox Portable Edition from the popup?
If not, how do I prevent this popup from appearing over and over again ?

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wait a bit

just tell the pop up to ask later

ffp is usually updated very quickly


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It's recommended you update via the Platform as it will handle it automatically and the FirefoxPortable.exe launcher is updated as well.

You can use the internal updater, it will just leave an empty directory behind locally.

Normally we release within a couple hours of Firefox releases. Today's release took a few hours more as we were waiting for our new digital certificate to get certified and installed on our dev box.

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