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Radicale Portable - A Simple Calendar And Contact Server

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Radicale Portable - A Simple Calendar And Contact Server

Application: Radicale Portable - A Simple Calendar Server
Category: Office
Description: Radicale is a simple calendar and contacts server written in Python for CalDAV (and CardDAV) clients like Mozilla Sunbird, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, iPhone and many more.

Package contents: Radicale 1.1.1

Tested on Windows 7 64-bit with the following clients: Sunbird, Thunderbird with Lightning extension. All tests performed with and without SSL encryption and authentication.

Screenshot: Control Interface

Additional features (not included in Radicale):

  • Tray icon control interface to start / restart / stop server
  • Import and export of calendar data and configuration to or from a single 7-zipped file
  • Configuration wizard to select usage of SSL encryption and authentication
  • Environment variable expansion in configuration file
  • Dummy certificates for hassle-free setup (use only for testing!)
  • Schedule automatic backups to file and email
  • Included help file covering what's needed to get you up and running quick

Download: RadicalePortable_1.1.1_Dev_Test_1_English.paf.exe
Date updated: 2016-04-15
License: GPL v3
Size: 8.50 MB
MD5 Hash: 3a28d57f327f44db7e69cf54d54a7881

Have fun and report back.

Kind regards,

Release Notes:

Dev Test 1 (2016-04-15): Radicale 1.1.1, AutoIt, Python 3.4.4, 7-Zip 15.12, GUI improvements, configuration wizard, sufficient help

This is a very workable version!


Dev Test 3 (2015-07-20): AutoIt, Python 3.4.3, removed IPC and hashutils, updated help, many code changes
Dev Test 2 (2015-06-20): Compiled with AutoIt, updated scripts and help file
Dev Test 1 (2015-06-20): Updated calendar and configuration to Radicale 0.10.0, updated help


Dev Test 3 (2014-03-12): Automatic backup to disk and email
Dev Test 2 (2013-08-04): PortablePython updated to
Dev Test 1 (2013-08-04): Updated calendar and configuration to Radicale 0.8.0


Dev Test 4 (2012-08-08): Updated menu and help
Dev Test 3 (2012-08-08): Added source, license (GPLv3), splash screen
Dev Test 2 (2012-08-06): Updated config file
Dev Test 1 (2012-08-06): Initial release

Gord Caswell
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Windows Client

I can't find a Windows client on the publisher's website. Out of curiosity, where did you get it from?

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Radicale Clients

Radicale is just the server component as can be seen at What Radicale Is not and will not Be.

Two cross-platform clients (for Windows / Linux / OS X) from the Mozilla Calendar Project are Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning extension and Mozilla Sunbird. Other CalDAV clients may be working, too.

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Help instructions

... refer to the included help file

Edit: The instructions have now been moved to and incorporated in the help file.

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Hi there! Excuses the basic questions but, what else would I need to make this work? Windows can't execute python scripts, can it? Also, would it work on Win 8.1 x64? Theoretically, this could allow me to run a caldav/cardav server on Windows? Thank you!

Edit: nevermind I read the help files and figured out portable Python is included. Now I need to figure out how to configure it all.

Edit2: I'm happy to let you know I got it to work on Win 8.1. It works flawlessly between desktop, desktop client (Thunderbird w/Lightning) and iOS devices. Now I just need to figure out SSL. Thanks!

Edit3: got it all working! Thank you again for this fantastic lightweight app.

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You're welcome!

Smile Thanks for reporting.

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Upgrading Radicale to version 0.10 in RadicalePortable

Installed RadicalePortable on a Windows Server 2008: All is functioning fine.
I have a question though:

The version in the download is Radicale 0.8. Can I upgrade Radicale to the latest version by just copyig the Radicale 0.10 over the existing Radicale 0.8 (as there are basically no changes to config.ini) ?

Thank you for the great job you are doing.

Rui Rosado

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Easy configuration file update

Yes, I would assume so.

Radicale Portable has been updated to Radicale version 0.10, so you might want to consider performing a regular update. However, because user files in the \Data subdirectory will be respected by the installer and not overwritten, you will have to apply some changes manually.

Here's how to proceed:

1. Backup Radicale data by clicking the Radicale task tray icon → Data → Export
2. Update Radicale Portable with the most recent version
3. Delete all files in \Data\config\templates and replace them with copies from \App\DefaultData\config\templates
4. Select a configuration file template in \Data\config\templates and drop it on the batch file in the same directory
5. Modify the resultant \Data\config\config.ini if you had changed any further settings in your previous configuration
6. Restart Radicale Portable

In case you are not sure about your previous configuration, you can always open a *.radicale export using the 7-Zip program and navigate to the appropriate location within the archive, for instance \Data\config directory, and have a glimpse at your backed up config.ini.

Kind regards,

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New Version?

Hello adamas,

i'm a happy user of your portable radicale app on my Windows 10 home pc.
Would it be possible for you to update the portable app to the newest version?
That would be really kind of you!

Best regards,

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is it possible to reupload the file? The link is dead.
Is there any similar project for Radicale server with GUI? Commandline configuration is pain.

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