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Problem with Flash in Firefox Portable on win7 & 8

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John S.
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Problem with Flash in Firefox Portable on win7 & 8

Hi, I have a very annoying problem with Flash Player in Firefox Portable on windows7 and 8.
I put the files "FlashUtil32_18_0_0_232_Plugin.exe", "NPSWF32_18_0_0_232.dll" and "plugin.vch" in the "FirefoxPortable\App\DefaultData\plugins" folder. I restarted the app and, on my windows XP machine, it worked perfectly!
Then when I used the browser on windows7 and 8 but it didn't work! I tried it on 5 different machines, 4 with different flavors of win7 and at least on my Win8.1 tablet but it's always the same: where the video should be played there is a blank black square!
I tried with different versions of Flash and Firefox, I pasted all the files contained in the C\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash folder in the Firefox Portable plugin directory but nothing.
When I check the installed plugins in the about:addons tab Flash is there and it's set to always activate!
I noticed, while I was watching for the active processes on the task manager, that the plugin container always crashes and restarts when I try to watch a video so I disabled the plugin container feature but the problem remains.
I installed locally on my win8.1 tablet the flash player and it works fine with Firefox Portable.
I really can't understand what's wrong, especially because everything works great on XP!
Is someone able to help me please?

P.s.: excuse me for my bad English.

Romain Strieff
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Black Window

Check if by any chance you have a 'switchable' AMD graphics card and if yes, check the setting, right-click on the desktop background and select "Configure switchable graphics".
It has usually 2 possible settings "High Performance" or "Power Saving".

Set it to the _other_ setting it has right now and try it out.

Ditto if you have uTorrent and can't see the selections you mark with your mouse, this fixes it.

These are crappy graphics cards.

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These are the files you need, not FlashUtil32_18_0_0_232_Plugin.exe or plugin.vch


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